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[Verse 1]
Still rolling in my El Co on them thizangs
Niggas fucking up, they ain't fucking with the plizanes
Hits from the bong, cali strong got me feeling like I
Could kill a man, but I rather kill a bass line

These coke laced lines too dope for most they turn they noses up
Real niggas turn the music up, moe

Looking out the cracked windows sound in the smoke
Got ya high off both drugs audio

Y'all ain't got the heart for it. getcha cardio
In order bro, running for the money
pockets double stuffed oreos
Party over here, bitches feeling like shit
In the morning though,
it's the shift life
With the jets with fair warning ho, call who you gotta call
'fore we be off I live far and your phone might not have bars

Babydoll, break that weed up for me, I break you off something have
You running yo mouth leading yo friends to me

This is the life, break down and roll up
Poolsides on rooftops, this is the life

[Verse 2]
Motor under glass like a pheasant
Jet plans under wraps like presents
Stayed in my lane gained leverage
Executive check my credit was merited
We hustlin together better than going in blindly
Expectations not met fools get ejected
Dropped like a Pharcyde record
Gone into hiding like a canvas topped off
what im driving up
Riding up the block they think I'm moving in an autobot

Hop out, photo ops, scan for the cops if they not about
Light something for the cool niggas roll another one for the ride
Keep that bag thats all you nigga, I'm out

On another mission steady paper twisting
Even when I was a broke nigga, bitches paid attention
On another mission steady paper twisting
Even when I was a broke nigga, bitches paid attention


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