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[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Backrubs & bamboo huts, exotic locations them niggas ain't us
Bad bitches on motorcycles makin' 'em stand up
One wheelin' it, killin' it, I'm observing the situation & feelin' it
You in this gentleman's club paying for love
Fuck tap-dancing on front street I stay in the cut
Niggas recognize & these fools know
Bitches notice, they see it's the jets and instantly they go to us
Roll one up, right to the window of the tour bus

What? when? where? who framed Roger Rabbit?
While you investigatin' that I let Jessica have it

Lacoste hats & tops, alligator soufflé
Maybe next time round the globe but surely not today
I'm JD & Jay on the interstate switchin lanes
Old School Slick Rick, Dana Dane
3rd base Spitta, P-Nice minus the 'caine, insane
Yeah .. Nigga..& Where haven't we been yet?
Jet Files, Fool

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