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I'm catching feelings
She don't nag me when I'm chilling
We do it with a passion like we tryna have some children
I'm catching feelings
Shawty you one in a million
And last night in the club she was the baddest in the building
I'm catching feelings

[Verse 1]
I just met this girl like a month ago
I think I like her
I'm 'bout to grab a bite to eat, somewhere off of the Street
Should I invite her
Cause she so super cool, I introduced her to the crew
I'm embarrassed how I feel cause I like her too much
To the point I get butterflies
I don't wanna see her with no other guy
I can't believe


[Verse 2]
Shawty say she 25 and ain't had that many guys
But I wanna kiss yo body everywhere between yo thighs
So don't be scared if I touch you there
Rip your clothes, mess up your hair
I'll replace how much you wear, welcome to our love affair

So girl let's fly, anywhere in the world
I will book the flight, in other words


[Verse 3]
Lil' mama I'll shut down the store for you
Go to jail and get out on parole for you
Mink nails on the hands and the toes of you
I swear you gon' make a nigga propose to you
I ain't tricking baby this what I'm supposed to do
You got a son, I'll take care the both of you
Roll a blunt I wanna smoke with you
Damn you got a nigga gettin' all emotional
So if you ever need a man, I'll show up like Peter Pan
We can go to the beach in France, if you wanna leave this land
My love
I put that on the man above, so what's up


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