D-WHY – Peace, Love, Money Lyrics

Produced By: BLVD Blake

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[Verse 1]
West Virginia hills, New York City Streets
And these Brooklyn days, Cincinatti nights, early flights
California rays, feeling like I'm moving fast, really I'm just running in place
Momma' says I'm one in a million, and there's a million ways to get it
My mind is on a mission, I've always had an image but I've never had a gimmick
So don't try to mimic, it's a gift that I was given, made to be different
Sometimes I feel like the chosen one, I should have been born on Christmas
I'm looking like a million but I'm feeling like a penny
Still pour like some Henny, till' I'm lofting like I'm Kenny
I'm eating plenty but honey it's at Wendy's or Denny's
My stomach still empty, so hungry, you want me come get me
I'm spending nights with new girls, new girls who rock fake Chanel
Where is Zoey Deschanel, where the fuck is Dave Chappelle
Once you get a leg in, they try to tear your ACL
I'm just trying to live and keep it real

I'm just little old me, I don't need much
Some green in my pocket, some coffee in my cup
I need some place to chill, I need some time to think
I'm trying to break bread with my friends and family
I need peace, love and money
Peace love money
I need peace, love and money
Peace love money
Man that's all I need, need
That's all I need, need
I need peace, love and money
Peace love money
I need peace, love and money
Peace love money
Man that's all I need, need
That's all I need, need

[Verse 2]
Mama' raised a gentleman, pops raised a general
Now we killing em', ghost riding hearses at the funeral
Billy smoking as usual, what he smoking unusual
Bank account is ugly but the struggle so beautiful
Dollar bills for dollar meals, we gotta' eat
From the streets, graffiti screaming fuck police
Shitty cribs, pissed off neighbors, fuck the lease
Went to school, studied hard and I got degrees
Slaved off, no days off, still got laid off
And a couple friends, they burned me, like Madoff
The shit y'all try to label me is way off
Please hop up off my dick and stay off
It ain't nothing, I'm running, gunning for something new
You can't just sit around, expect your dreams to come true
Work hard, play hard, that's exactly what I'm gone' do
Someone get the coffee on brew


It's all good but it could be better
We gone' get this money up together
We'll make it rain and change the weather
And live like this everyday forever


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