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[Verse 1]
When the days are cold and the nights are warm, I hope you think of me
And all the love that we replaced with words of flattery
Don’t flatter yourself, it ain’t all sugar and spice
Don’t wait up for me my gal, ‘cause I ain’t coming home tonight

[Verse 2]
The world it spins on an axis, no it don’t revolve around you
That’s what you told me long ago and it’s never been more true

Don’t flatter yourself, it ain’t always a fight
Leave the food on the stove in case you come home tonight

[Verse 3]
And if we meet again some day, we’ll save each other’s lives
From the shallow depths of flattery and treat each other right

Don’t flatter yourself, let’s try and make this right
Leave the key under the mat, ‘cause I may be home tonight
I’m on my way home tonight

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