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"[Verse 5: Lord Infamous]" (Da Mafia 6ix – Go Hard) | pending

Smh this is a picture of DJ Paul who is Lord Infamous' half-brother who is still alive.

Good lord Too Short’s verse is so butchered in this

In the hook he isn’t saying “These demon thoughts they start to drown me, won’t they leave me all alone”. He is clearly saying “These EVIL thoughts they start to drown me, LORD DON’T leave me all alone”

"More of them on the way, the 8th wonder on the way" (Kanye West – Never Let Me Down) | accepted

This line is a reference to Jay-Z’s eight studio album, “The Black Album”. At the time the verse was recorded, the album had yet to be released, but ironically ended up coming out several months before “The College Dropout”, the album this song was included on. (This explanation incorrectly named “The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse” as Jay-Z’s eighth album when in actuality, it was his seventh.)

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