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When I was young, I learned about love
From an old photo album of my parents
In black and white
They painted at school in 1960's California
And then my mother was walking down the aisle
And my father was saying his vows at my grandparents' house
On their wedding day

Let's fall in love like they did in the old days
Let's have love like they had in the old days

Let's fall in love
Oh please stop using me that way
Baby you know these aren't the games I want to play
Oh please stop using me that way
Baby you know these aren't the games I like to play

When I met you, you were my mother
And I played father
And I thought life was unfolding as it should
We painted pictures and we were the pictures
Of my parents as they fell in love
Old movies of Brando and Tennessee Williams should have warned me about love
But I was blind
Blind when I was with you

You should treat me this way
I came for love but I learned 'bout something else
Girl don't treat me this way
So much love I thought was for you
Yeah I thought it was for you
But I guess it's for someone else

When my words turned on me
And you turned on me
You, (?) walked out the door
Well, darkness opened and I realized this life doesn't support love anymore
Because those were the old days
There was love in the old days
Nowadays, we have new ways
And we don't hold onto love anymore

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