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One nine nine to three
And I wonder what kind of day Allah, has in store for me
So I stroll out the crib about eight
To go eat breakfast at Mike's, everything's alright
Leave out of Mike's about nine
Headed Uptown to the studio - everything's fine
Reached the studio about ten
Bumped into a good friend - that's what I thought then
But to my surprise, he was the opposite
When he played - tough, I had to call his bluff

"It's cool.. to occupy your own
Come for mine, I'm gonna crash your dome" (4X)

Shoppin downtown on the street
Lookin for a pair of new sneaks then I went to get a bite to eat
I saw a guy and his lady
She didn't look my way, but he was lookin at me kind of shady
So I asked him whassup (Yo whattup?)
But before "up" came out, he was pushin away his plate and cup
Screamin somethin bout watchin where I look
Kinda caught me off guard, so at first I was a little shook
But when I gained my composure
I suggested he sit back down where he was cause brother I don't know ya
But he wouldn't take heed
So in front of his girl, and the rest of the place, I bust his face

"It's cool.. to occupy your own
Come for mine, I'm gonna crash your dome" (4X)

There was a time and a day; that if I was tested and tried
I turned my cheek and looked the other way
But nowadays I don't sleep; cause if I try to turn away
Them brothers think that I'm bein weak
So I'm even in the odds; and whoever steps to me
Better be makin sure he pray to God
Less he wanna be my prey; but you don't wanna go that route
Hahahaha.. I'm out!

"It's cool.. to occupy your own
Come for mine, I'm gonna crash your dome" (4X)
"Come for mine, I'm gonna crash your dome"
(*cut and scratched until fade at the end*)

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