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Produced By: Dylancheck

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[Verse 1: DaLLY]

What a luxury to be living comfortably
We do not see or size or view are selves with accuracy
Fuck this fascist scene, man I say it so casually
Write a masterpiece and send it over for the mastering
Beat so cold my teeth chattering, it isn't that im nervous
I leave that for the gatherings
Social life manikin, I son you, Anakin
Break my own foot I got no phone no ambulance
I call a girl up n try to get it in like factoring
Schools back? Back to checking in like the factories
My moms always mad at me, she says I shouldn't smoke but get high but whats surrounding me
Drowning deep, anchor stuck attached to me
Ankle lock im passing green, Larry and Ab told me only over eighteen
Man the LEAGUE sick, Gangrene
Rejuvenate mystically get energy my senzu bean
Got the beat spit so nice, abuse it like it's Ketamine


They like dally hes ahead of me
They like dally hes ahead of me (x2)

And if I had a year off rap, man i'd write a novel
Richie's bout to do seven like Harry Potter
Dally spreading knowledge, like the Dalai Lama
Im like watch the Japanese seas, Yokohama
Wait stop I need a comma

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