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[Verse 1]
I'm so ahead of my time
My pops ain't even bust his first nut yet

I'm a-whole-nother subject, extra-curriculum
Passion just to get more credit used synthetic, after this call the medic
Got a fetish for anything the color of lettuce
But they cut the horses' wings, yeah, a Pegasus
Why you on some new con, new necklace
I transcend nijja a nigger dial right, okay, get your words up
Hit Starbucks, grab a bag of whole bean, whole food deli sandwiches
Blowing OG and I wrote this shit, and it goes like this
A penny for your thoughts, but I plan to make millions

Or die crying in the end like the villain, or sipping Teqo in outdoor pavilions
They keep telling me I'm brilliant
And I concur, cause my metaphors are better than yours
I broke obituary like brochure
And I'm tryna have mine like novel, rap Dan Brown fight Angels and Demons
That's why I'm sipping on this bottle
I take your ho to Aeropostale and she show me her body parts like Hostel

Uh, nigga, I'm the nicest man, I don't give a fuck

[Verse 2]
It ain't tricking if you got it
Yeah, right it ain't tricking if it's Jeep

If I can afford this you will absorb my semen
Dinners making copy cat peas from mean mints
Fiends leaning throwing up, will he demon?
On the grind like strippers on zippers
To y'all young whippersnappers, nigga, I'm a blizzard
Nigga that's cold, I would do you so bold

If you ever disrespect this dialect, uh
What the fuck you popping daughter-sect, nigga, I'm the architect
And my notepad's the blueprint,
watch how I fuel shit
Getting away, watch these whore hats kill shit

Nigga, nigga, it's Detroit stand up, shit

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