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[Verse 1]
I was born one day before Saint Pat
I guess a nigga miss luck just like that

Henry Ford, not even one mile from Motown
Explains all the soul that you hear in my sound
A ten minute ride to Linwood, I begun
My mama first son, look what I just become
A weedhead with words more potent than what I'm smoking

This ain't no Reggie caught the plane ride from Oakland
I used to play with pistols in crackhouses
Skiping school just to fuck bitches
on dirty couches, abandoned houses
Find one with the lights on it
Landlord came pulled the hook and locks on it

Money I'm plotting on it I put the block on it
I'm gonna get it
, four deep, no shocks on it
We sit low, rep the D cause it's all I know
And my name rings bells in any hood you go

You're from the East Side?
You're from the West Side?
You're from the North End?
Is you from South West?

[Verse 2]
Around first grade, we move to the East Side
Was like throwing rocks at a beehive
A lot of niggas gone over something unimportant
That it ain't worth mentioning cause it's unfortunate

Like stick a fork in it, where's the enforcement?
Walking off the grass just to sit on niggas porches
Passing round 40's, brown paper bags
Rolling up a swisher while this rat freak a black
It ain't about nothing, but let me hold something
Ate a lunchable for dinner, nigga I ain't fronting
Caught the bus to East land, just to walk around it
Ain't buy nothing nigga, just walked around it
Looked at some hoes, I ain't even holler
Cause I'm broke as fuck and they is all about a dollar
I'm living in the city where the weak get swallowed
Belly of the beast, we don't care about tomorrow
I'm living in the city where the weak get swallowed
Belly of the beast, we don't care about tomorrow


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