Danny Brown – Red 2 Go Lyrics

Produced By: Oh No

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[Verse 1]
Codeine in my cereal
Always behind a smokey, I'm sorta like a miracle
You rappers are venereal, and never in my stereo
Might spray your ass with vinegar, the next time that I see ya bro
Bet your ass still won't be tight

The size of my dick, nigga, every pussy tight
I write all night 'til the sun comes up
Dodging texts from your sister tryna lick on my nuts
Cobra clutch the game, put that bitch into submission
Your bitch want the stick shift, no transmission
Dog, I'm on a mission, you're playing exhibition
On an expedition, popping X but never tripping
Chilling with a vixen, tryna stick my dick in
Red head ho, like a young Kathy Griffin
Smoked so many blunts, I can hear my lungs whistling
Still rolling up, ho smelling like chicken
Rap Martin Lawrence, all you other rappers boring
Bruiser make 2 Live Crew look like some mormons
Nigga my essay is hard like a life-doing ese
Gang-banging on the yard with a home made machete
Been nice since cassette tapes, stay smoking heavy
Popped a couple pills,
eye's glowing like Belly
Used to stash the cracks in the seams of my Pelle
Detroit nigga, but I'm smoking on LA

And is anybody nervous?
I'm red' to go, I said I'm red' to go
I said is anybody worried?
I'm red' to go, I said I'm red' to go
Is anybody scared?
I'm red' to go, I said I'm red' to go
Well, I used to be afraid
I'm red' to go, I said I'm red' to go

[Verse 2]
Tired of where I came from but know where I'm going
Tears in my eyes, cause I'm smoking on an onion
Aroma on that 'etra, scary and McNairy
Off of moon rocks in Barcelona popping cherries
Blowjobs from model twins, doing drugs with acronyms
So many lines, thought this shit was Busch Gardens
Party starting monster with the hair like Blanka
Hotel room like a hair metal concert
This blonde made the dick do the spray outta Contra
You disrespect I hit you with the slap of Tatanka
For dinner nigga used to eat shit that didn't match
Like cornbeef hash and some fucking Apple Jacks

Used to bag up the packs and eat Coney every night
Bologna all night, traps with no peanut butter
Couldn't waste it on the mic,
so I wasted every night
Everything came with rice, and I knew I wasn't right

So I got my ass up, fuck depending on luck
Greyhound to NY 'bout 300 bucks
Kept my hopes up but my confidence was low
Now my self esteem is astral looking at this cash flow
Did it my way, I ain't nobody ho
I'm 'bout to pimp the rap game, bitch, I'm red' to go
I did it my way, I ain't nobody ho
I'm 'bout to pimp the rap game, bitch, I'm red' to go


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