Dariuslee – Best Friend Love Lyrics

Produced By: Ab-Soul

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Im everything she's ever wanted in a man
To attain her heart ain't really the plan
Im tryna be the best friend

She always stressin
Of her relationships to me
Her boyfriend ain't perfect like me
Like why can't someone love me for me
Somebody does
Can't be your boat right now im drownin in my own lust
And all these groupies hit me up
Im thinkin of us

She say i knock all her walls down with a hug
Shit, I gotta keep mine up

Fuck, now you mad at me because i can't commit
Sayin darius why do i even put up with your shit
I was with you before you gave the poems to that bitch
Remember this? Showin me old pics of our old wish
Now im callin you all sorts of bitches and tricks
Our beef i end it with a spliff

And when we're texting you're leading
What's the reason
This best friend love looks like treason
We probably won't even
Talk for a few weekends
I guess a teenagers heart just changes with the seasons
You i deleted you say hurtin i dont believe
Your lies i ain't seein
HIt me when you ain't seethin
And you'll message me in a week claimin you found jesus
Was that verse on poetic justice about me
Maybe, your boyfriends a fake me if you want the real just date me, dont be mad cuz he ain't me
Now you hate me Mad cuz i wasn't up for all the waiting
My time you're taking 3 years and we still ain't dating

And i can draw your mind without even tracing
I could look you in the eyes and get your heart racing
Lately im feeling that the only thing between us is infatuation
We always touch i ain't tryna bust
And he gave you a wedding band dont give a fuck
Cuz in this love boat you're telling me it's only us
But shit im over us
And thus your questions cover up
The fact i ain't the only one
Yellin you ain't got the guts
I dont need your best friend love
My songs you're miquoting
And then i drown you out with potent
You sippin that potion out there hopin
You ain't the topic of my next concoctions

Really you should stop it
He buyin you watches
But it's me you're yearning
You should tell that man its hopeless
I got your devotion
Now your eyes stare daggers with revulsion
And im losin focus
Is this lighter even workin
The doors no longer open
Im over your emotions
It's over

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