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Get that guap, Get that money
Meat head, Street cred
Greedhead, Greedhead

DR, back in town
That's what's up
That's what's down
Asher Roth, what a clown
Shout out to Queens and Mental Town
The boys are back
The boys are cracked
The boy's just stacked
The boy's just mac
The compose mail, type of rap
On that Gmail
Holla Gchat

Girl believe that
Girl believe that
Girl believe that
Girl believe that
Ham and cheese wrap
Ham and cheese rap
Ham and cheese wrap
Ham and cheese rap

(Ah ah ah ah ahh)

[Kool AD, Heems on back up]

Yeah, ham and cheese wrap
I don't even eat that
I don't even read that

I got that [Elton John](581692) money
Honey dip saying get your Elton on money
That cheddar, that cheddar meltin' all funny
End of the month I'm asking Elton where the money at

The best rapper is [Eminem](581694)
I'm not even joking, the best rapper is Eminem
[Just joking, the best rapper is me and him](581697)
[Our rap group's called Das Racist](581703). We're back again
And I don't really like that dude Eminem
But I'mma probably say his name again
Catch me in the club eating [M&M's](581704)
I'm on a train walking around selling M&M's

I'm watching [Hall and Oates](581705)
Himanshu, he took all the yoke
White dudes said we got real street cred
[Ryder Fleming Jones](581707) said we got real street cred
Catch me with [Benicio Del Toro](581706) in the Greedheads

Das Racist. Yeah, that's what she said

[Please, crackers with cheese
Please, crackers with cheese
Please, crackers with cheese
Please, crackers with cheese](581710)

(Ah ah ah ah ah ahh)

[Full House](581711)
[Jesse and the Rippers](581713)
[Jesse got the hair](581714)
Jesse get the bitches
Know the ledge
You got the juice
[Motorcycle stunts
View the truth
Your boys are back
You're all grown up
You on the ledge
You're scared, throwing up
Young Michelle, need her uncle
Young Michelle, she needs her uncle](581715)

It's a rare condition
This day and age
To read any good news
On the newspaper page
Love and tradition of a grand desire
Some people say harder to find

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