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[Hook 1]
Artificial death in the west, east
Pyramids on deck shine
Wet hair on her neck, breathe
She shoot pussy through your chest, you die

[Hook 2]
There was a artificial death in the west, east
All pyramids on deck shine
Wet hair on her neck breathe
(G-O-D) She shoot pussy through your chest, you die

Where you runnin' now?

[Verse 1]
I'm barely there, I'm everywhere
Heavy thin air, Sahara mascara smeared, end of an era
Tracks on Hera's peacock thighs, china white skies, ivory of my leper eyes
Tone of sighs off nylon lips
(Where you runnin' now?)
In fishnet wet guise of gimp horizon, slit bled like my wrist I suck it dry
Which nipple's mine? Read the signs, still can't decide
(At your own risk) At your own risk
Don't touch me bitch! (Don't touch me, bitch)
(Where you runnin' now?)
Accustomed to these satin glitches, drippin' from my casket's innards
Charmer play me out the basket, last image I saw was splintered
My reflection, I wasn't in it, in slow motion, I give in
(Where you runnin now?)
Hopeless premonitions
Tomorrow didn't come, some say it's hiding, but they're the ones who've hidden
Euphoria followed by visions of peasants eating pigeons
(Where you runnin' now?)

[Hook 2]

Watching me watching me watch them watch me

[Verse 2]
Hole in this platinum ship of fools, nomadic rule, concept, no rules
Mobile shrine of this destitute wasteland mute
Screamin' at me, winkin' at me, like I love it
Fucking with me... Fuck it!

My star gate in a vacuum monitors eye view
This valley is an urn, this valley I'm wadin' through
(Where you runnin' now?)
Feel like I'm chasing after me, feel like dead weight in a sea of vaseline
All that can't be seen watching me watching me watch them watch me
Try not to dwell on my cell, my empty shell shedding me
(Where you runnin' now?)
Artificial death in the west-east
Pyramids on deck (shine)
(Where you runnin' now?)
No matter where I turn (Shut down! Shut down!)
Everyone's a runaway (Where you runnin' now?)

[Hook 1]

Watching me watching me watch them watch me

[Hook 2]

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