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[Verse 1]

I can't tell
How's this shit all my fault?
It's at the time and I feel like they should
I say commands just because I can
Oh, I can just imagine the difference it has


Straight out of your mind
You see I'm well aware
You're straight out of your mind

[Verse 2]

I said your name
It slipped off my tongue
Pointed at the camera laughing at you, haha
Once again, you see no one cares
It's how you wear it, not what it is


[Verse 3]

I can't tell
How's this shit not your fault?
Bitch, you're barbaric king of this earth
Switching command, just because I can
I'd like to see you wear it, why can't I stare?
Switching command just because I can
And if I let my guard down who knows what then
Once again, just because I can
Just because I can

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