Del tha Funkee Homosapien – Faulty Lyrics

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Man, I knew this nigga from (back in the day)
I never knew he would be (actin this way)
He displayed some faulty shit
Wish I woulda caught the bitch
I stuck to talkin shit
Instead of setting off the apocalypse

Out in the O they try to play you like Kermit
Out in the O they'll smoke your ass like sherm sticks
Definitely something to be concerned with
You can't trust these niggas and it's time that I learn this
This nigga that I went to school with
Asked me for five bills, what you gonna do with
That? 'Bout to give you a whole five dollar bill
Of the shit had been real
It wouldn'ta been a big deal
But faultiness strikes, he said
"Let's take a hike up the block
And I'll give you the five out my sock"
I give him two, my homie gave him three

We was both wonderin what the fuck this gonna be
He took us over to a project building
I was bent off Cisco thinkin (* snorting, sneezing *)
He said "Wait here," and I started yellin
He didn't make clear his intentions while he bailin
Del infuriated, lost it, I drew the line, he crossed it
It's time to burn his ass like I was caustic
I was screamin, beamin, this lady came out her apartment
And said, "Bounce if you're here to start shit
Little boy," she was like
"Some shit happened out here last night
Get the fuck out cause it won't be no fight"
This other nigga came out and said, "Don't shout
Yo money gone, take this if you still wanna pout about
It," He opened his hand and I was shocked
In it was a crack rock
I said, "What the fuck I'm s'posed to do with this, eat it?"
I said, ,"Keep that shit," and then the lady said, "Beat it"
"He told you your money gone, so get your ass on"
I just did it cause I wasn't alone

This Mighty Morphin nigga who I thought was a friend
Transformed, took out a arm, wasn't nothin but a fiend
He was fiendish, fiendish
He was sucking base pipes like a penis
He was fiendish
Fuck that punk

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