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[Verse 1: Detroit Leprechaun]

Too icy, on the march with whips and chains
Where's the free man? Only genetically caged birds
We're too cold, fighting killers for change
Dish soap on your plate, served penetration occurs
The whales make me flee to Middle-Earth
They've chosen to de-seat us into the wild fire

Onto the wire, our flight needs its birth
Birds of a feather stick together despite weather
The world's too cold, the bird can never soar

On the bottom of the pole with humorized lore
We're so exclusive, only the few can know more

Skuas with tags try to snatch the life away
We can go days without rays, we only fear snags
Haters suffocate a chilly with crags
Disregarding the slums as a place for all trash

We are penguin fam, the unchained voice of paths

[Verse 2: D'shon]
Penguin family, We shining in the sun with the glam
Kick back like Mia Hamm, chilly breeze we having fun

Off the chain, at the top of your Darwinism
Too exclusive to others and northerners

What we go through defines our inner temperture
Out there for so long in the cold, we managed to stay warm

Now we in the prime and the habitat is poppin off
Mothers, sisters, brothers and fathers we all calm
Until those walruses come and try to take our food
Our substance, no no we won't stand for this

There will be blood today do you want your deathwish granted?
Y'all have been fair warned of the upcoming weather
Its your turn to endure elements eradicating us
But knowing you don't have the resolve of survivng
Its a easy win

[Verse 3: Tunes]

[Verse 4: Malcolm FleX]

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