Devin The Dude – Where Ya At? Lyrics

Produced By: C-Ray Sullivan

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You said you loved me, baby
Said you never leave me
Said you wanted me, girl
Said you needed me
Where ya at girl?
Where ya at, where ya at baby?
Where ya at girl?
Where ya at, where ya at baby?

[Verse 1]
Now you've left me
For who knows and what for

Trying to call you on the phone
You won't answer
Was it something I did?
Something I said?
Something went wrong, oooh
You wouldn't tell me baby
All I know is that you're gone


[Verse 2]
Listen to me
You and me

When I was just my lonely
As I reminisce sometimes with you by my side
With your smile and you want me to continue to ride
But where you are, I don't know
Where you at girl?
Where the fuck you go?


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