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[Verse 1: Yo-Landi Visser]
Boom, Boom Boom
It's show time, motherfucker, it's on
Apocalypse now, I'm dropping this bomb
You can't fuck with this song
I stick to this spliff I'm not klapping this bong

I'm a wild child, I don't want to go to bed
Uh shit sorry man I'm stoned again
Aooooh and now everything's getting so psychedelic
When I'm doosdronk and forget all my fuckin lyrics
Like umm ah who gives a fuck?

Don't worry about it, just blow a kiss to me
I like danger, romance, and mystery
I'm a lucky ducky getting mad shit for free
I rock more bling than Mr. T
I make it look easy because it is to me
My daddy says it's like lekker fokken spiff to see
A South African cherrie making history

[Hook: Ninja]
Baby's on fire
She got me going fucking crazy sous a mal naaier
[Yo-Landi Visser] O jirre god se jesus
Baby's on fire
She got me going fucking crazy sous a mal naaier
[Yo-Landi Visser] O jirre god se jesus
Baby's on fire
Baby's on fire
Baby's on fire
Baby's on fire

[Verse 2: Yo-Landi Visser]
Hi-Tek drop that four to the floor
I get real paid what you think I do this for
My bodyguard help me get to the bar
Niell Blomkamp's making me a movie star
A lot of bad boys want a piece of me
If you're lucky boy, I'll let you sneak a peek
My Zef-style's motherfuckin' freaky-deak
I don't got beef cause I don't eat no meat
... fuck your whole shit up when I freak the beat
I love it when Jimmy talks sweet to me
Come on come on, can you speak to me?
I take a trip down memory lane
Like, yo fuck 15 seconds of fame

I'm a young blood coming up fresh in the game
Yo-landi Visser, motherfucker yo remember the name

[Hook: Ninja]

[Ninja] Ahhh, freak out!

[Verse 3: Yo-Landi Visser]
No need to get so deep, notin quite like a motherfuckin techno beat
A techno beat, a techno beat, a techno a techno a techno beat
Just say what's up. No need to get so deep you know me, maar ek ken jou nie
Ek ken jou nie, ek ken jou nie, ek ken jou, ken jou, ken jou nie

Baby's on fire


Baby's on fire

[Yo-Landi Visser]
Flame on, motherfuckers

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