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Accident or intention
It's already history
Random or intelligent
The mute march in to victory

Innocent or innocent enough to say
I did what I did
I did what I did only
Render unto Caesar

Scrawled it all illegible
You kept yourself hidden well
Sprawling and inflexible
The world asked you for nothing else

So and forward
Lifelong in a gentle breeze
Mortal as a leaf
To fall into disease, you
Render unto Caesar

("When should we bust into harmony?")
Where the grey-scaled conjurers (it)
Where the lifelike perjurers (write it)
Where the vested spectators (watch it)
Where the weapon chancellors (gun it)
Where the twilight mandolins (play it)
Where the high custodians (mop it)
Where the panic violins (panic)
Where the crabby handmaidens (scrub it)

Down the line
Down the mercenary barbary
Down the line
Did the martyrs morbid poetry
("What are we singing?")
("Uh, that doesn't make any sense what you just said. Hey, can you--")
Down the rampart
The vandals give in to defeat
And down the landscape
The linemen passed it fara, fara, faraway
Render unto Caesar
Render unto Caesar

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