DJ Clockwork – 4:48 Lyrics

Produced By: Larry Fisherman

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Uh huh, Uh huh Uh huh, yeah. x8

[Verse 1: DJ Clockwork:]
Smacking asses till they wiggle
How'd I get myself in this pickle?
Dick trickle, hoes racing fast tryna chase that issue
Who's the best? Point them out
Fresh Kiwi, hold the sprouts
Shave the ice, Lemonade, seeds thats the chosen route
Life is what you make it, live that shit like you supposed to
We coastal
We crashing hoes like Fogell, this ain't Superbad
Yo ho, she sounds super mad, Yo bitch showing she super sad
My name is aye aye aye uhhhhhh

[Hook: DJ Clockwork]
It's 4:48, you ain't cutting the cantaloupe straight
It's 4:48, you ain't cutting the fucking apples right
It's 4:48, you ain't rinsing the grapes off right
It's 4:48, you ain't taking the kiwi right
It's 4:48, you ain't cutting the bananas straight
It's 4:48, you ain't baking the muffins right
It's 4;48, you ain't stuffing the stuffing right
It's 4:48, you ain't eating the peas right

It's 4;49, you ain't drinking the water right
It's 4:50 right now, and I'm out the booth

[Verse 2: Smoke Mo' Purp]
Came with the motherfucking raps, blowing cocaine with a hundred dollar bill, Rice
Love to make a bitch ass clap, hit it from the back then I'm off that pill
Sprite with a fo', Edgar Allen Poe, do a lot of blow can't feel my face
Bitch I'm chilling, MTV show killing, 4 million dollars in the bank God damn
Armani, Versace, Dugatti, Buggati
Last name Cash and my first name Johnny
I don't slap you, your bitch might
(Yo Willy Whips, what that dick like?)
Polo hat, Polo chinos, Polo socks, Polo shirt
So many horses in my stable, the fact been out, I had polo first
My new rap name is Smoke Mo' purp, step in the club and hoes gon twerk
I-I-I-I-I-I am fashion, am fashion
Yo bitch hopped on the dick, and then she hopped on my bandwagon
That money thats all mine, that pussy thats all mine
You don't need to ask around, I'm the best rapper of all time

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