DJ Drama – Ain't No Way Around It Lyrics

Produced By: Mike WiLL Made It

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Ain't no way around it
Ain't no way around it
Ain't no way around it
Ain't no way around it
Ain't no way around it
Ain't no way around it

A bitch gon' be a bitch
A ho gon' be a ho
A killer gon' be a killer
That's somethin' you need to know

Ain't no way around it, ain't no way around it
A dealer gon' be a dealer
A player gon' be a player

My niggas, them my niggas, they just like blood
Ain't no way around it, ain't no way around it

[Verse 1]
I had a young, hot thang fucked my bro and gave 'em brain
And she expect for me to love her, I can never be a lame

I'm attracted to her sexually, but she ain't my main dame
We can be the best of friends, shawty, but you off the chain
See I ain't gonna hold it against ya
I'ma keep it pimpin' with ya
Don't you come at me with issues
Ain't tryna get all in your mixture
I ain't tryna come to get ya
You can meet me somewhere on Peachtree
At the W on the Fourteenth

Ain't tryna fuck no ho tryna know me
Know they fuck my woodie, already smashed on home beach
Half of these bitches phony, singing love songs like Toni
Ms. Braxton you the action, stop actin'
Just another sad love song waitin' to happen


[Verse 2]
Strapped with that flame and he ready to bust a brain
You can't tell the homie nothing, he done felt too much pain
He don't care nuttin' 'bout no fame
He addicted to the game
Some niggas rob, some niggas slang
Do whatever to maintain
Travel all the way to Waco
Get them numbers for the low-low
Bigger the risk, the bigger the check
We watch for po-po
Make sure you keep your eyes on
When you're drivin' down 1-0
That interstate ain't no joke when you're ridin' with Coco
When you got hands like these
You can count money with your eyes closed
When you spend cheese like this
You send killers to niggas front door
Half of these niggas front fo', bitches for extra convo
Really plugged in with migo, go blind and still can see notes


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