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Produced By: DJ Preservation

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For what it's worth
As a man I take full responsibility for all of my dirt
It hurts, to see your family hurt, and separated
You work, so hard to keep it together
But it never made it

Somewhat jaded, quickly turned to hatred
Strong feelings of rejection, depression sets it
Motives now a question, you question why
Is it always the good ones that have to die

(shit) I ain't gon' lie, I cheated and I stole
Mixed the cheeba with the blow
Then would feed it to my soul inside was cold
The warmth of your touch was too much, I had to let you go
Had to let you grow
Had to let you know how I felt
Though time past, I couldn't let you go
Imprinted on my heart like you meant it from the start
But no, I didn't listen when you tried to tell me so I had to find it the hard way
Dutchie burnin' slow, nose frozen
Like, eskimos in the open
Lost in the potion, trapped inside the bottle
Like genie with a message, floating in the ocean
Waves of emotion overhwelm the helm
Either way, I set sail like the [?]
[?] like my L, while I'm walking through hell
Let me forget what I know, mind spotless as I go
For the moment I let go, my soul exposed totally
Hard to believe he can't express himself vocally
Tell you that I love you, but fear you hold over me
Everything change once sperm touch the ovary
Niggas in my circle not fam' like they supposed to be
I keep my distance so you can't get close to me
Smoke weed openly, cloud clears the mind
Find balance in the poetry one line at a time
Nigga, shyne

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