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[Intro: The Stylistics]
What's it all about?
Baby, baby, once you fall, in love it's heavy

[DJ Quik]
Yeah! I'm goin' in...hold me back
Yah! Uh! What's his name?

Now he was, light on his feet, dope on the stage
Put R&B and rap on the same page
Made New Jack Swing sound like the new thing
Made gangstas wanna sing
Mr. Big Stuff, strictly Big Tyme
The Overweight Lover's in the House, with big rhymes
Make a nigga go to Mt. Vernon and spend mine
Takin' the chips out
Bringin' the chicks out
Heavy Dizzle, my big brizzle
Gave me a tip to make my music sizzle
Uptown, any town, any city, out of town
Make a nigga throw on his record and watch him get down
You did that, now you get that props
From a skinny nigga in them Compton shacks
You rocks the low-fade, then rocked plats
You even helped Biggie go from gold to plat
Just a superstar throwin' off fast
But you went supernova galaxy past
No more Earth-bind, you can fly higher
Rest in peace, Dwight Arrington Myers - Heavy

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