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[Kung-fu Movie Sample]

[Intro: Dom Pachino]
Keep your hands up, Keep your hands up
Keep your hands up, Yeah, Keep your hands up
You heard me, Read this for me, This is why you fucked up
Read it, Before I take your fucking head off man, Yo

[Dom Pachino]
Dom P the pioneer, Gotta keep the iron near
Niggas is dying here, Gun fire, You hear the sirens here
Propeller planes, Smoking Mary Jane with my war goggles
Going insane, But God they can't fog you
I see through mist like I see through bull shit
Hungry niggas I feed jewels and slugs I feed clips
You see this, Tool spit shots double like eclipse
I move on water like sea ships, Overseas like Egypt
Yeah, The God come equip
You got eyes well peep this, No lies, No secrets
I'm the best gun they had in they stash but yet they sleep with
He's rusty, Gun jammin' they acting like they terrorists from South Yemen
I put a stocking on my head and put the hammer to these haters
Haters, Haters, My hiatus

[Nancy Sinatra Sample]
Bang, I shot you down, Bang-Bang
You hit the ground, Bang-Bang
I shot you down, Bang-Bang
You hit the ground, Bang-Bang
I shot you down, Bang-Bang
You hit the ground, Bang-Bang
I shot you down, Bang-Bang
You hit the ground, Bang

[Dom Pachino]
What-what, You niggas fag faces, Homo
Send me messages on Myspaces, No dough
No flow frontin', Act like animal and head butt em
You niggas pop corn love, Too buttery
Nigga I speak clearly yall niggas utter
I'll blink my eye and my niggas rush ya
You never felt this much pain as when the P touch ya
When I let it do what it do baby
I catch a body and be Swayze
Never drove Miss Daisy but I drive a bitch crazy
I never asked for shit but the truth paid me
They fucking pay me, Every red cent, The way I pay my rent
I'm Taino Indian but I ain't living in a tent
I getting rich off the shit that I invent
If you don't know what I'm saying then act like you do

[Nancy Sinatra sample until fade]

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