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[Intro: Jeremih & Don Trip]
Let’s chill, I don’t want to settle down
It’s not what I want
(It can be bad before, it can be bad afterwards
But when it’s good, it’s good)

[Hook: Jeremih]
I still call your phone late at night
You answer cause you think I’m mister right
Your sex is the only thing I like
Damn the truth hurts, but I got love for you
I’m not in love with you no more
I’m not in love with you no more
I’m not in love with you
I’m not in love with you no more

[Verse 1: Don Trip]
Nah, no candles, no rose petals
I’m just tryna get licked like a closed letter

Say I’m tryna get neck like a gold metal
Ain’t no love in my heart, you should have known better
But I love what’s in your pants like a gold treasure

We keep going back and forth it’s a broken record
I know I still melt your heart in the coldest weather
But the fact remains, we don’t belong together
Let’s chill, no darling I don’t want to settle
Even when I’m feeling like your love is the best ever
Yes I got love for you, I’m not in love with you
This ain’t no love letter
That’s why you deserve more, I know you deserve better
But I’m not fit for you, I’m flyer than bird feathers
You love me to death though, I may need pallbearers
You know I’m a dog though, you gonn’ need a dog catcher


[Verse 2: Don Trip]
I swear I love it when it’s wet
If loving that is wrong
I don’t want to be correct
I don’t want your heart, I just want you out your dress
Let the kitten out the bag, and I’ll beat it to death
After that I’m taking off faster than a jet
Pack my parachute in case I have to press eject
I just want to caress, no I don’t want to connect
And send you back home without a hickey on your neck
It starts with a call then a picture gets text
Then before you know it, we be at it like we just met
As if we ain’t split, as it I wasn’t your ex
A part of you was wishing it was more than just sex
Sorry baby our relationship wrecked
And I really wish you would just let the shit rest
Yes, to the left, to the left
Every feeling that we shared
To the box, to the left


[Bridge: Jeremih]
So let’s chill, I don’t want to settle down
It’s not what I want to do
Take this time
Let’s chill I don’t want to settle down
It’s not what I want to do
I want to take this time to keep this real


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