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[Verse 1: Donnis]
Sunset Boulevard, yup, Grammy weekend
Black tint SUV, bitches trying to peek in
Just so they can see him, ain't nobody fresh as me
New Chanel Brooches, Loafers outta Louis V
Late to the party man, I be on CPT
Bended back, eyes low every time you see me
Yeah, doing the red carpet entrance
Now theses hoes have interest ‘cause my account grow interest
And I ain't mad, I am laughing, I'm superficial too
I just like them cause they asses, like them cause they fashion
Face like the Kardashians, hitting then I'm dashing on to the next one
Now I'm on the blue print
, money got the new print
Throw it in the air and watch these bitches get exuberant
Or exuberated, I guess it's how you say it
In other words, I'm living good, I can say I made it

Aye, throw the money in the air then watch it hit the ground
We gon' shut this city down, shut-shut the city down
Tonight, tonight, tonight, it's going down
Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight
I'm talking bottle after bottle, we ain't messing with them rounds
We gon' shut this city down, shut-shut the city down
Tonight, tonight, tonight, it's going down
Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight

[Verse 2: Donnis]
Yeah, me and Estelle at Philippe's
She explaining to me this year, we playing to win
Like we sitting at the table down in Vegas at the Wynn
Man, let me tell you what the fuck I had to spin, every day working
All of my advance just so I can have a chance at monopoly

Now I want the property, Boardwalk, Park Place
Chauffeur, the Parker Brother, man, I'm a motherfucker

Ah, it ain't no limit, they know that if I got it
Then I probably don't spend it, if you ain't getting money man
I highly recommend it
, consider it the prescription
Now I got an addiction, you see the side effects cause my palm still itching
Diarrhea, I'm shitting, every verse disgusting and now I ain't flushing
I look at my coy, this ain't just his story, it's history


[Verse 3: Donnis]
Yeah, this is the year that I been waiting on
Knew that it was coming, been reading my own palm
Now call me Donny Warwick, reading my own fortune
I'm about to go corporate, bring on the lawsuits and the Tom Ford suits
We ready for whatever whenever, lyrically, I'm next to the king, Coretta
If y'all niggas is good, here’s something you should consider, I'm better
A first class male, no leather, no matter the weather, rain, sleet or snow
I go where these rappers never been before, right outta Tokyo
I made a mountain, y'all drew hills like Nokio
If you don't see that I'm the only hope, that means you falling for the okie doke
I'm your hero's hero yeah, so he ain't nothing but a sidekick
Bruce Wayne, why he riding my shit?


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