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December 31st was my best friend
January 1st was my best friend

Movies never end, cause we all living
And we never pretend, we keep it real baby
Over here, baby - no fear, baby
We got it all, coming at you
We like thongs, fat ass
I'm just playing - freaky shit
207 shit, 9/11 shit, 11/11 you're lucky baby
You in for the flight baby
Cause we about to take off
Clothes: take off! Cause that's my humor
I like to talk to you, baby me & you girl
I'mma show you love tonight, me & you girl
I'mma show you love tonight
You ain't gotta smoke, you ain't gotta drink
All you gotta do is let your feelings
I'mma show you.. girl, push along
"This some good weed, you know? This some
Real good weed, the way I be rolling and shit..
Just don't pull real hard baby.."

Good times, nice times, yup yup!
Flight times, you're alright, right times
You love times, back then
I was the man, I had so many girls
Rolled with so many fans, they all love me
I love y'all back baby!
Give me a kiss and I'll throw one back baby
You know it's that kush

Smelling right.. kush, smelling right

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