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[Intro - Kanye]
You a bad girl, and your friend's bad too
You got the swag sauce, you dripping Swagu

[Verse 1 - Beyonce]
I may be young but I'm ready
To give you all my love
I told my girls you can get it
Don't slow it down, just let it go

[Hook - Beyonce]
So in love., I'll give it all away
Just don't tell nobody tomorrow

So tonight I'll do it every way
Music knocking till the morning light
Cause we like to party, ay

[Verse 2]
Your touch is driving me crazy
I can't explain the way I feel

Top down with the radio on, and the night belongs to us
Just hold me close don't let me go

[Hook - Beyonce]

[Verse 3 - Andre 3000]
Set the scene, 3000 degrees
Ain't worried 'bout them fuck-niggas over there
But they worried 'bout me
I got a homeboy named Butter, and another homeboy
That nigga named Cheese
Fuck with me baby I'll make it milk till it drip down your knees

Spit this shit fo-rillo, brain braille
Kiddo say he looks up to me, this just makes me feel old
Never thought that we could become someone else's hero
Man, we were just in the food court, eating ga-giros
Yesterday, that's the way, every single morning I try to pray
Grandmama name ain't never forgot, nothin' else really mean nothing to me
I ain't stuntin' the beat, talking to me?
Heard why you fuckin' with me, move on ain't nothing to see
Shh, always something the song, I'm the wrong, off the rip
Cause of him, all of them, will remem-ber the men
That they fear, nothing little but rap
Black, like having your cousin back

Blue like what that ? do
Cream like ?

[Hook - Beyonce]

[Outro - Kanye West]
You a bad girl, and your friend's bad too
You got the swag sauce, you dripping swag goo

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