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[Drake Talking]:
I'm bout to do my thing
You ready?
Here I go!
October's very own
Taz You ain't even got nothin to worry about man

[Verse 1]:
Are you listening?
Is anybody listening
Walk into a room and you can smell the Clive

Alot of niggas is threatned by my positioning
Thrillin bars you think I'm writing with John Ghrisam

I need Rose, nevermind the pricing
Know we brought cake to the party, no icing
No ice on, big Phantom no license
Fuck if you're feelin me as long as your wife is
No one in my city gotta pocket like Drizzy
I can rock fitted Jeans cause my credit card skinny
It's pitch black and covers all incidentials
And Miss Wrong sorry you ain't notice my potential
Fuck ya rappers and your self-proclaimed status
I can only see green now happy St.Patty's
I know you waitin on a last quote
Check the soundscan and you can see that I'm the last

[Verse 2]:
By the way I'm Jewish and turnin 22
Get's depressing when you see your favorite rappers
Goin through it
Tryna re-invent themselves, showin' no improvement
Gettin' crushed by this light skinned young'n on some
New shit

40 just recorded and who dropped this here
Cos I'm tryna fuck Megan Fox this year

And if you got a style, it's to cop new gear
You are in my age bracket, you are not my peer
Fuck you really know about a Eames couch
Frette sheets, perfect touch to a clean house

Wide awake put a nigga livin' ya dreams out
Lookin like a photoshoot everytime the team's out
And is the realest nigga still I
A woman could love me to death but I'd still die
So I'm about us now
Smith and Wesson flow
You should tell them boys duck down

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