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No more sunny days
Skylines becoming gray

Flirts and first dates to verses about runaways
Feels like yesterday where heartbeats drum away
This coulda woulda shoulda been a love song, but it's late

We had language barriers but we broke it down
She ain't understand, but laughed when we joked around
She said let's take it further. I said let's slow it down
Only now do I realize that it's over

Calling like a crazy ex, I need to stop, wait a sec
Give her room to breathe. five feet. please, baby steps

Is it my ego? tell me, people, cause I ain't sure
Is it cause she broke my heart before I got to break hers

I'm a selfish man wanting what I can't have
We had a ball, but I gotta have the last dance
I just stay cool, trying for us to coexist
Saying this song ain't about you, but you know it is

[Hook: Breezy Lovejoy]

I'm not trying to be rude, I'm doing what I'm supposed to do
Hope these sunny days, giving me thoughts of you
All I know, baby All I know
You're the one I love, the only one I love

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