Dyemond Lewis – PB&H Lyrics

Produced By: Freddie Joachim

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[Intro: Dyemond Lewis]
See money comes, and money goes
So all I got is my Pro Bros and Hoes

They´re giving me more blow
And all I got to do is hit em with the flow
Let's go

All I got is my Pro Bros and Hoes (x2)
All I got is my.. Yeah

[Verse 1]
It's easy to fall victim when you getting free shit
Plus all your vans is ripped, got hoes that didn't notice
Is suddenly on your dick. Don't trip, see I won't front
I always knew you was a trick. Like, bad magical ?
But, I ain't got no regrets, cause everybody know what you hold
No revealing secrets, I mean that. She switching act, enough of that
Lets get back to me stacking racks, & use relatable raps
My main source to attract, and run a rack on any track that seem intact

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