DyMe-A-DuZiN – Kids Lyrics

Produced By: Plain Pat

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Uh, it's DyMe-A-DuZiN
I probably work harder than your mom
Plain Pat, what's good?
Plain Pat on the beat by the way
Thank you for hosting this grand occasion that we call 20=X
Whattup Emile!
Shout out to Kaslo
Yo, they always used to play me, I used to tell 'em like

[Verse 1]
I'm the one you need to watch, flip who you think is hot
The greater since we was beatin' tables at the pizza shop
Beat as many times as I seen my pops
Been an outcast since The Love Below was blarin' out my speaker box
A leper thats social , no compressing my vocals
The beach with a hard on depressing the old dudes
Impressin' the grannies, get 'em wet in they panties
The hottest they been since seein' Keith Sweat at the Grammys

Tinny bitties prepare for the stickin'
Til they get here and I'm flickin'
With my camera they're tearin' up while their strippin

Fearin' me, na I ain't plannin' on hittin'
I just like starin' at women in scary positions
Man they used to call us

When we slipped through the rhyme in the cyphers
And pick up the mic when nobody ain't invite us
Man they used to call us kids
Cause we rhymed about imaginary ish
Now we watchin' them become big

Man they used to call us kids
When we slipped through the rhyme in the cyphers
And pick up the mic when nobody ain't invite us
Man they used to call us kids
You too young, put it down
We hot son, look at us now

[Verse 2]
The same people that booed you will say they knew you when you blow
Be the same hate comments youtubing your videos so
What's a critic when they listen to your lyrics
And they're givin' you a hit when you're video gets a visit

I call it a fan with a temper
Computer head who probably eat spam with his dinner, style
Rare like tans in the winter now

God sending dollars from the heavens I'll be damned if I give up
Crowds packed like school lunches
Rich kids, 1022 blunts lit
Skunk piff, all up in they ear like that love ish
So I'm gettin' high even if I don't want ish

Favorite emcees either lost it or they lost it
Don't bother, you don't flow, why do you force it?
Me, E and Pat got heat, no spoilers
Sittin' and reminiscin' on how they used to call us


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