DyMe-A-DuZiN – Wake Up Free Lyrics

Produced By: Emile

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They gave me the basics, I ripped the paper
Hey, who made you, the boss of me?
I won't do what you say, I got no limitations

My imagination's, my reality
Baby I just wanna wake up free, wake up free
Wake up free, wake up free, wake up free, wake up free
Wake up free, wake up free

[Verse 1]
Nah mama I don't care what the kids think
Always kept it a hundred and I did me

Forget it all, and define life simply
My own world, my own space, I go away
Where I don't gotta hear mom screaming, nah I don't gotta see pop leaving
Where I ain't gotta deal with lame teachers, talking down on me for the same reasons

Mister, Mister don't you tell me what to do
You might be bigger, bigger, but I got aspirations too

And when I open my open my eyes
I hope I'm free just like I was last night


[Verse 2]
Free from all he lies and deceit
All the broken promises they given to me
Real worlds taking on my energy
Put my life on mutual, and been asleep
A yo I swear, these critics can't tell me nothing
Neither can the label suits with their fake love, flippers
They ask why I tell them I don't follow standards
And I smile for the camera, hit em' with the Ye shrug
Hey, hey, mister, mister, don't you tell me what to do
Cause when I'm on, ya'll gone, wanna hop up on it too
And when the sun gone rise, I bet i'll still be where I was last night
I wanna go(!)


It's just where I wanna be
Gone from all a these demons haunting me

Where the sun arise in my eyes
The smile from the wonderful joy of see
Now won't you come away with me, no matter what they say just be
Now won't you come away with me, no matter what they say I'm me


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