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Look into my eyes
Can't you see they're open wide
Would I lie to you baby
Would I lie to you

Don't you know it's true
Girl there's no one else but you
Would I lie to you baby

[Verse 1]
Everybody wants to know the truth
In my arms is the only proof
I've hidden my heart behind the bedroom door
Now it's open I can't do no more

I'm telling you baby you will never find another girl
In this heart of mine


[Verse 2]
Everybody's got their history
On every page a mystery
You can read my diary you're in every line
Jealous minds never satisfy



(Would I lie to you)
When you wanna see me night and day
(would I lie to you)
If I tell you that I'm here to stay
(Would I lie to you)
Do you think I give my love away
(would I lie)
That's not the kind of game I play



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