El-P – True Story Lyrics

Produced By: El-P

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They wanna kill you, you're the cancer, you're the fucking problem
You're the pollution, you're the issue, and they wanna solve it
They wanna cure you, you’re the cancer, how’s that make you feel?

I should have stayed asleep, waking up can get you killed

[Verse One]
Hope in the throws, cope or choke on a hose
Pokers roast in the coals, misanthropic and cold

In a bug's life scurry under scope with the mold
Hold position or fold, no intermission it rolls
On and on and on and off we just unos and o's froze
Petrified living hidden sowed in the code

The longest walk off the plank that's ever ranked in your soul
This is not what you chose, case open and closed

Stuck on mega lit blocks, feathered tarred and detoxed
From the sox to the cockler tied up tethered and boxed
Just a Helena with legs, framing the painting of dregs
Fuck your complaining I'm fresh
I’m tainted pain in the flesh
I’ll see you

[Verse Two]
Spit with an illy alien flex, 3 titty’d martian attacks
That ugly grey riding a huffy over city with friends

Live wrong and prosper's the mantra they try to drill in the head
4 out of 5 babies in graves agree the scene is of dread

Seemingly seams that were woven have ripped, threaded but slipped
Like Charlie O kilo echo sniffing dripping out red

Shoot for the stars hit the roof, jump for the shark get a tooth
Reach for the flowers get thorny, warning their powers in bloom
Pardon the fuzz I'm distorted, contorted, pardon the hiss
Don't let them Henson me, enter me and control how I twitch
They say the holiest shit until flames around them get lit
Then costanza the crowd of children.. kick a baby to live
I’ll see you

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