Eli Prince – 93 Lyrics

Produced By: Freddie Joachim

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[Intro: Eli Prince]

This is where I
March on the cobblestones
Passings are troublesome
Feel the dreams
Crash on rocks made of hope

[Verse One: Eli Prince]

17 can I return to a no body
Far from a old hobby
Stowed in the loft and watch you cough as you hear it properly
Sway your dome softly
As the subtle crypts leave lips and paint an old Hockney
And man you can't stop me
Only gs up in my section
My nigga we about to blow like pubescent erections
To count my blessings immah need a hand with that
Chuck he got the camera strapped shots fired moment trapped
But now my grades slacking
And I be steady trippin’ cos my papes’ are kinah lackin’

And being force fed information kinah boring
So I be day dreamin’ thinkin bout us niggas touring
And it seems, by
Chasing the dream, I
Have changed up my A grades to C grades

I D[e]grade the childs games
Until they call my name
And let the curtains swing til’ I’m near sane

(ohh ayyy)
Dreams are marked as crime
I looked in the mirror today
And seen, some, sense
(ohh ahh)
Not so many see the way I see
I guess
So, I Just
Keep these thoughts on my chest

[Verse Two: Eli Prince]

18 and I awake from a wet dream
That’s far from the sights seen
With no Demi nudes or deli foods just a lost teen 
Tumbling down the burrow as I furrow far beyond screens
No grazing of my weak knees  
The soft rain which seems to be rose petals
So mellow the bright yellowish bike pedal 
Who speaks to me in limericks some gibberish
Seems to bring peace to me 
Sway pretty peacefully 
And then I wake back up 
Swiftly taken from my haven fore I miss mine bus
To a place that’s full of sapiens that chase thine bucks
And they demonize us aliens cos we don't look
The things that they do
We mimic the moves in the hope to allude
With the views that they hold are so far from the truths
They start to see through when you sway from the ruse

[Hook x1: Eli Prince]
Keep these thoughts on my chest

[Outro: Eli Prince]

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