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[Verse: Eli Prince]

I'm astronomical
Miles above these other niggas
The only time I'm flying low is when I drop my zipper
I capture life in my music
Like taking motion pictures
And man you know I be flow, flowin' like cunninglingus
And if I really tried my hardest
It would be more unfair on you little rappers
Than jokes on kids who retarded
Or hide and seek with bunch of blind bitches in the forest
I'm sorry it's not my fault just emotions make you a target
So, rolling through the desert with my homies in some stole whips
With a couple stolen chimps
Eating box of frozen shrimp
Poppin zannies to try and combat depression
Live in times of oppression
Where we told to chase possessions and stressin'
Stings hairline's the real meaning of recession
And outside of the classroom's where you learn your realest lesson's
So maybe its just time that all these rappers start to face defeat
Like toes in your face and nigger man they kinah' reek


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