Emilio Rojas – 5AM In Toronto Freestyle Lyrics

Produced By: Boi-1da & Vinylz

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[Emilio Rojas]
Yeah, a thousand miles from home, an afforded condo line
A boardwalk in Venice and working out on the promenade
I seen some pain, I want the same amount in dollar signs
The nicest Latin rapper since Pun, fuck who they idolize
Fuck it, I’m drawing lines in the sand
Ain’t no begging me for forgiveness, you stand and die like a man
Cats that I’d co-sign, man I should’ve signed them instead
When they realize that they need you, that’s when they start to resent

So I done traded some friendships for resentment
And I wrote some people off when I sensed they was dependent

I’m on tour with Dizzy, I told him yo I’mma get it
We rolling in ‘85s, too civilized for a Civic woo
I left on tour the day they locked the homie Lamb away
Told him stay strong, I wrote him into a track that day

The block was sipping on that Henny black and that Grand Marnier
Ain’t no champagne since the rumors though, I can’t stand Rosay
Funny, that experience is sobering
Just heard Volume Three, I think they whole shit is over with
I didn’t sign, man it’s a blessing in disguise
I would’ve been intertwined with a clique that was in decline

Ain’t no dissing, I’m just giving you facts
I heard Control once, deleted it and didn’t react
And I’ve been home once since leaving so my chick getting mad
She don’t trust me where them women is at and I don’t blame her though

There ain’t no honesty left, it’s about who lying best
She look at my accounts like the motherfucking IRS
The shit is taxing, I swear ain’t no getting past it
I care but I’m outta character each time that I stress ugh

I’m the best, I’m the best in my city
Shit, I’m the best in your city, put your best up against me
Uh we just wanna trade them blocks in for backyards
Money in my future, them tarot cards are like black cards
Yeah and you can charge it to the game

Experience the best teacher and lately I’m skipping grades
Lately I’m living great, lately I see they hate me
‘Cause we decline invitations to all the places they can’t be

And I be where the haze be, around 168th Street
A block away from that station where that 1 train and A meet

Yeah, I’m everything that you can’t be, motherfucker you ain’t me

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