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[Eminem freestyling]

Die Bitches, Check it out bitches
All you bitch ass rappers
Need to get your clip pierced
, Look at me, hip, I'm Britney Spears
Look at the way I wear my mascara

How you doing
I'm Pristina Gaguilera, And I sing songs about a genie in a bottle
And I'm Britney Spears
I got big tits, I'm a role model
To all little kids
But I got breast implants

That was the only way to get my chest enhanced
And here I go with the lyrical, miracle, spiritual everytime im incredible
With freestyles from the top that I drop
And my instinct
Is to kill N'Sync
And the Backstreet Boys
It really doesn't matter coz' I got a scratchy voice
Yo, check it out
But you ask me I ain't gonna be happy til' I see every member of the Backstreet Boys
Getting their ass beat
In the back seat of a taxi, And dropped of on the real backstreet
And somebody black sees five little rich white boys
Looking like faggots
With the N painted on the back of their jackets

And god damn it
Can't stop there
What's up?
It's over
And this just Shove Mcardy and Mountain Dew
And wonder how we tune is
Ten million

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