E.P.M.D. – Do it Again Lyrics

Produced By: Erick Sermon

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[Erick Sermon]
As I proceed to rock y'all and shock y'all
Cold clubbin, some might say I'm buggin
I'm the back lifted, checkin out folts
I see girls trickin, lookin for a victim
Yeah they spot me, but I'm the wrong nigga
Cause ain't nuttin changed since days of +Golddigger+
They walk right past me like I'm invincible
Don't trust em, the first principle

[Parrish Smith]
Yo pass that here and cheers, celebrate like the new year
Honies front to rear, party over here
So get your groove on as we move on bust the new song
Once again, it's on, pop the cham' Dom
Bustin those when we pull up in the chrome
Party til Daylight, just like Stallone
Rollin with the players, sportin Timbs and the gators
Cell and pagers, fat whips quick to blaze ya


[Erick Sermon]
I be coolin, doin my thing, I'm slight jig
Sometimes I be Down Low, like Mr. Big
The Green-Eyed Bandit, what? Yea is he
The dark skin packs a mack-10 who gets busy?
I stay tight, keep the vibe right
I could pull a Rampage and Wild For Da Night
I'm lethal, I still do it for my people
I break it down for em, it's hard to ignore em

[Parrish Smith]
The time is right, and tonight's the night, we in the hype
We got my game type shorties excited, I'm feelin nice
We roll the dice, shot of vodka and ice
People on the dancefloor, doin it right
Cristal for the profile, money spenders and pretenders
And V.I.P. rollin with the winners
You know how it go, Heinekens and the Mo'
The pen and the pad and a dimepiece to go

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