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[Verse 1]
Gave him the keys to the city
Called him the lovin' man
His conversation is pretty
Loves all the people he can
Some call him a hot-blooded mother
He's got Venus in Scorpio
Says folks should love one another
Says that's the only way to go

Lovin' man, lovin' man
Lord have mercy, he's a lovin' man
Lovin' man, lovin' man
Lord have mercy, don't you know he's a lovin' man

[Verse 2]
Got his moon in Taurus
A heavy hummer yeah
Sensuality seeker
You really know when he's been there
He is kind to humans
Makes lots of love not war
He has lived forever
Says that's near not far


[Verse 3]
Children follow behind him
Calling him Jesus Christ
It's hard for others to find him
He just smiles and says that's nice
He says, God is love can't you hear me
He says, love is God can't you see
I speak of love and you fear me
Did I hear you say that you're free


[Verse 4]
Some folks call him a healer
Touches the wounded soul
Some say the healer's a feeler
But he really has himself in control
Brings peace to virgins and spinsters
Joy to the lonely heart
Good thing the pigs can't see him
He'd be stopped before he could start

[Hook to fade]

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