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[Will.i.am - Intro] (Phonte)
Ready or not... (Ready or not...)
Ready or not... (Ready or not...)
Ready or not... (Ready or not...)
Ready or not... (Ready or not...)
Ready or not... - It's time to go
Ready or not... - It's time to go
Ready or not... - It's time to go
Ready or not... - It's time to go

[Phonte - Verse 1ne]

This is my last day, this is my last era
Wifey sitting front row running her mascara
And I'm laid out STIFF like my last pair of
Starch jeans;
it seems that all my past errors
Don't even matter cause, I ain't even mad at God

I just think the saddest part is I don't wanna go
Cause who the hell knows for, whom the bell tolls
I was, chilling with my peoples just, out on Melrose
With Blu and Evidence lamping in our shell toes
Drinking brew and tapping bitches on the el-bow
Then WHOA!! - Another chapter closes well
When they start to toll, it's just yo' time to bail, yeah

[Hook: will.i.am]
Some people live their life to die
Some people live to try, and fly, and fly sky high
Some people live their life to ride
Ride cause they riders, some people talk that jive
Some people live their life to lie
I live my life to open up my eyes real wide, wi-wide
Some people wanna live blind and walk the road
Oh, no - for whom the bell tolls

[Evidence - Verse 2wo]
Uh, bells and whistles, they shooting, could smell the pistols
They never EVER hit or miss - it's the real official
Bulls eye target, like New Jack Carter
The harder it gets, the more I find the market off sparking the Flint {*matches strike*}
Part of me says, "Go back home"
The other half says, "Get that throne" (y'know?)

So I spit words, they read like palms
And turn directions from East to North (oh!)
We can't stop nature taking its course
But I can report, so I stay with my hand on record

Looking for the next future resort
To reside in a time where bell rings and people are dying
I'll just try to escape to this place in my mind

[Hook: will.i.am]

[Blu - Verse 3hree]
Ayyo, ashes to ashes and dust to dust
R.I.P. Jay Dee, DJ Dust - this was us
Ah, back when it was cool to bust, picture us
Eighty plus, surrounded by the crowd wit'out a mic to clutch
Years passed and now and then I light it up
Reflect and get inspired by the fire that's inside of us
Dealing with the yadda-yadda, bothered by the business
Try to ditch ya like economy

(Why?) Cause John wasn't about to be politick-in (maaaan)
It's the middle of '08 and I still ain't heard Obama speak
'Bout problems that we face, I'mma tryna get this cheese

Cause you never know, who shall tolls the bell's toll folk
Young folks are old folks, when it's time to go, it's time to go, folks
Stroke, croaks, cloats, and ghost
I hold hope, blow faith in your face then fade home like

[Hook: will.i.am]

[Outro - will.i.am]
Some people wanna live blind and walk the ro-
Some people wanna live blind and walk the ro-

Khyrsis on the beat
Phonte, uh, for whom the bell tolls
Uh...Hello, will
Waddup, will?
Haha...Uh, for whom, the bell tolls
They say when it's your turn to go, it's your turn to go
So we gon' turn to music up real loud
Think about all of our people...for whom the bell tolls
George Carlin...Norman Whitfield, Isaac Hayes

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