Eyedea & Abilities – This Story Lyrics

Produced By: Dj Abilities

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When I was young I was a single celled amoeba
Then I learned how to go to war over
Now I'm into stripping mother earth of her resources
Waiting for the day that today's considered pre-historic

Standing on my last limb
Survived by a naked rush
This story was written in my genetic code

I don't want to but if I have to I'll make a big mistake
There's no judge or jury when you're looking adrenaline in the face

Years of refinement to make this machine, I'm gonna use it to the best of my abilities
My body as my armor will protect my brain from fusing
Even though it still secretes its poisonous power I almost lose it
Vomit enducing
Deluded in the blood
'Cus if I ever got a full blast the rush would be too much

Well you could hear the break in his grown up voice
You can feel the quiver when you shake his hand
You can give or take it's no one else's choice
One day you have to quit, run in and take a stand

And all the flags at half mast
Part heavy heart part pain in the ass

I was trained not to think, just react
Sometimes when a person goes that far they're never coming back
Maybe we'll evolve to a point where fear as an experience
Is no longer instinctual but rather an emotion we use
To enrich our understanding of why our human ancestors
Killed each other when they could have loved each other
One day we'll be holding hands instead of grudges
We'll eliminate our territorial circuits and know what love is
One day we'll be holding hands instead of M-16s
'Till then every human being's controlled by the fight

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