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You know they say revenge is a dish best served cold
What about success, though?

[Verse 1]
People try to hold you down - all I know is breakin’ free
Played no part in makin’ me, I won’t play part in breakin’ me
My story is way too real, none of this is make believe
There’s always some people who gon’ doubt, they gotta make believe
My teacher was one of them, she couldn’t see me reachin’ mine
How is you gon’ teach the blind… if the teacher’s blind?
I had some trouble readin’ through the lines before
But that just made succeeding even kind of dope
Now I’m even readin’ people’s minds, you know
Bet them haters thinkin’ that my ship would still be sinkin’
But what’s funny ain’t that money got me floatin’ on a tighter ship
It’s that I couldn’t read lines, now I’m writin’ scripts
Y’all was actin’ funny – hope y’all doin’ comedy
No one knows who I’mma be, could be where Obama be
President or something, if you’ve ever been through something
Oh, it might’ve slowed you down, but don’t let it hold you down, yeah…

I can read the minds of all my enemies
They think I won’t be who I intend to be
I can read the minds of all my enemies
This the song they singing in they head for me:
(Let me haunt you…)
(Let me haunt you…)
(Let me haunt you forever…)

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