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First you get the swishers, second buy the liquor
First you get the swishers, second buy the liquor
First you get the swishers, second buy the liquor
Third buy some of that sticky, most smokers call it sticker (x2)

[Verse 1]

Okay, I'm rolling with my country bitch, feels like I'm on my country shit
Higher than messiah, that fire, that cowabunga pill
Call my nigga krit, sipping liquor in my 86'
See my ring & wrists, shit look like I hit bout' eighty licks
I'm a 90's crazy baby, pussy's what she pays me with
On the corner stalking boo, my bank is what you make of it
Slutty Boyz shit, puffing, bussin, fucking, call it quits
Super bad bitch, pop a pill, then let my man hit
Savage, probably her, and me, and V, and Rabbit
Hands down, man down, all your bitches average
Flashy, my (inaudible) pack nasty
Pass it to my man, and like my bitch? i'll let him have it


[Verse 2]

Rolling, plus I'm rollin' makes my shit say "slow the motion"
Lobster flow, and aqua dro, smoke an O with oochie
Really I don't fuck with no saddity hoes, loafin'
Love to fuck a criminal but pretty when she's smokin'
Bussa' head, get the bread, spread them legs open
All night stroking, all night pokin'
Trafficking the white, like my packages was something slight
That shit wasn't right, like I might just take a flight tonight
Fuck like it's alright, drinking white like it's okay
Beat that pussy up, and rock, and drop that pussy where it lay
Never sleep where pussy stay, whipping cookies every week
Pushing lima beans, and collard greens, and kilograms a day, ay


[Verse 3]

First you get the swisher, then you get the liquor
Bumping juicy j and project p, I'm on a mission
G-Star denim, fuck them true religions
Man, I'm swimming in my women friend, hope she let me hit again
New York City, living it, whipping in a rental whip
Webster Hall killing it, bitches on my dick again
She say I ain't shit, I pretend like I be listenin'
But really I am not, I just fucked her for some gwap
You should stop, shoot that (inaudible) in you crew if it's true or not
Plus I heard them nigga's hot, I got birdies on your block
Nonstop, ain't no stopping through unless you cop in shop
On the block, and if not, then my partner cock & pop


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