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Why everyone be hatin'
Bitch im still waiting 4 a reply
After hearing this diss, your gonna die
Cuz rysarm is a nobody
And slim natey is a bitch

Dump both their bodies in a ditch
Shit, most have been the glick of my gun went off firing in the air
Oops I must of hit Irod over there
Who am I gonna diss next?
Who's gonna be the whore u text
Best friends? nope
U already an dick 4 all that choke u smoke
Choke on it like dick

Bitch you make me sick
You lick so much dick you post dumb shit on the site
Yeah bitch I end yo life
Break you neck like busta rhymes
Maybe ill have enough time
To make another
Fuck you mother on the couch
Nigga that hurt!)
Blood stains on your shirt
Whatever you say, anything to me
Cuz its fine by me
(*guns fire*)

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