Flo Rida – Roll Lyrics

Produced By: J. R. Rotem

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[Intro: Sean Kingston} + (Flo Rida)
Go on gamble with it, show me I'm the mon
Shake it on the floor like dice 'pon ya hand
Let me see that ass roll, roll, roll
Roll, roll - there it go!
It's Kingston and Flo Rida (Flo Rida)
Kingston and Flo Rida (Sean Kingston)
Kingston and Flo Rida (J.R. on the track, Poe Boy)
Kingston and Flo Rida (Let's get it!)

[Hook 2X: Sean Kingston]
Go on gamble with it, show me I'm the mon
Shake it on the floor like dice 'pon ya hand
Let me see that ass roll, roll, roll
Roll, roll - let it go!

[Flo Rida]
Heyyy, I could be the man, that's if shorty understand it
Roll the police, when the feddy gigantic
Pull over, Flo Rida can handle it

Go on place your bets, are we there yet? Atlantic
City to Vegas, Plies too bust it babies

I stay on the transit get pretty pussy from Haiti
Craps tables invaded, great, walk wit ya lady
Block paper, I make it so I been gamblin lately
Yeah, we could play "Ca-sino," you can be my, Ginger
Sam Rothstein, shorty I supply the dealers

I gotta thank my nugga, ropin off the game pit
Boss, ghetto broads, go on show me I'm the man


[Flo Rida]
Heyyy, got money on the shooter am I talkin 'bout the Ruger
The man at roulette, click click, I'm no loser

Girl you da shit, Southern slang for manure
The Bucci conniseur when I'm drinkin on Kahlua
Whoa, see this rose, gal I won't try you with two-lips/tulips
I'm compin Ro-se, all my chickens hot as Hooters
I'm Mandalay Bay the Bellagio abuser
My paper don't amuse ya then you haven't seen my Muller
Hard Rock Hotel, I need the pink Flamingo
Gamble a female like her hips is playin cee-lo
Check our your Chanel see, I ain't stroke your, ego
I'm Hef with the gazebo, pure cooker youse a kilo


[Flo Rida]
Seven-eleven, there it go, I call it, no guessin
Ain't naked but all the shorties they lookin at you they threatened
I reckon it's cause you high-rollin, they beggin you bettin
Snake eyes while you collectin, them thighs I will invest in
Thousand dollar chips for your thousand dollar hips
Got these thousand dollar gifts, leave more thousand dollar tips

I'll be your supplier, spin it like a dryer
Roll for me baby be my NASCAR tires
I know the odds of winnin, like I do mobster linens
The gangster proud of women, I call it Robin Givens
Flo Rida extort ya, take you Pinto to Porsche
Say look what your bottom bought ya, now do what your momma taught ya
Go on~!


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