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I was at the Taqueria thinking taco or enchilada
When I espied this smart and pretty Latin mama
This girl was so beautiful it was supernatural and
I think she hailed from um, Miami
I told her I come from deep within the Earth, I’m terrestrial
Compared to me, you’re from the sky, you’re celestial
You’re winsome. I mean you win some and you lose some
But girl you’re winsome, I mean very attractive
She scolded me told me I was overly bold and presumptuous
Too brash, too brazen, too audacious
Her manner was brusque, her speech short and abrupt
With these two little letters she said, “loco give it up.” (no!)
Let me be incisive, clear sharp and direct
Let me be succinct, just as brief as I can get
She shot me with a quick, cursory glance, hit like a dagger
Caused a contusion, started bruising, and then I staggered
She scared me, gave me a laceration over my heart piece
The pain was acute, sharper than a set of sharp teeth
But even though she acted so callous and cold
I had no credulity, I couldn’t believe what I was being told

She said “no.”
I said you don’t know so
There are myriad operations I could undergo

I don’t mean to be pertinacious as in stubbornly persistent
I would operate on myself, girl, if you was my assistant
I would undergo a total metamorphosis, and more than this
I would refrain from eating all them bacon bits and sausages
To foster good health and promote good health within myself
I would supplant my supply of whole milk with
Skim milk on my shelf
You whet my appetite, is yours whet back?
It’s ‘round midnight, how ‘bout a late night snack?
Oh, I sounded like a bimbo, a salesman who couldn’t sell though
She stood arms akimbo, bent at the elbow
My skin was more swarthy and ruddy than the fur of Elmo
Dark and red, I was blushing exorbitantly, excessively
I tried to smile to keep up the veneer of respectability
But my tongue was complicit in my mind’s crimes
Like an accessory
To murder, and I was killing any chance of a first date
She didn’t yield to my persuasions, she was obdurate
It’s pathetic how I tried to get a date by cajoling and coaxing
Aggrandizing my traits, exaggerating and boasting
She said, “oh no you didn’t,” like she had an attitude
I was staring at her physical beauty, her pulchritude

She said no…

This is not a love song, ‘cause no love was created
Dreamt of a torrid hot love, but it wasn’t fated
I thought she was hungry for love, she was sated and satiated
No appetite so I had to abort the effort so I gave it up, and tried
To launch a battery of flattery at her, an assault of
Compliments, it made no dent on her presence
So heavenly, she was ethereal, delicate and refined
I knew I’d never, ever find someone of her kind
She was wise and sagacious like a wisdom tooth
While I tried to get in closer she remained aloof
I tried to spit some poetry like a poet or a bard
But it came out kind of corny, spitting poetry is hard
It was a travesty, now kids don’t think that
A travesty’s the same thing as a tragedy
‘cause a tragedy is the opposite of a comedy
A travesty is a bad imitation or a parody
I’d like to say the interaction was weird like an anomaly
But honestly this stuff happens quite often to me
And shorteez frowning at me appear ubiquitously
They’re everywhere in the world like American currency
I bow down to them obsequiously and submissively

She said no…

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